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Village Orehovo – the crossroads to Rhodopes

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The village of Orehovo is one of those small and typical Rhodopean villages, populated by friendly people with big hearts and smiles. It is a starting point to many tourist routes in Rhodopes. You can choose from many natural attractions – such as River, old Roman road,  waterfalls, huts, canyon, old and not so old Churches. It is also part from the longest tourist route going through Rhodopes starting from Hvoina and continuing to Stavrupolis in Greece. It is also located very close to one of the most popular destinations in Bulgaria – the Marvelous Bridges.

The village is spreading out at 900 m above the sea level. It is 210 km away from Sofia and 60 km southwest of Plovdiv. One of the closest cities are the town of Chepelare (25 km) and the resort Pamporovo (35 km). It dates back

The root of the Orehovo word “oreh” means walnut, thats why there is a special yearly celebration. Every first weekend of September you can try many specialty dishes prepared by the local. There are also several competitions, music and dancing with the locals.

Preparation for the winter


One more old style house


The board in the center with some main information and places for accommodation

The regular citizens are now around 150 people and there is still life in there. People are used to see tourist there so they are very friendly.

I was also surprised to see so many places for accommodation in such small village.

Accommodation in village Orehovo

Once you reach the center of the village you will see a board with info about the main places for accommodation. We booked ours one day in advance during the high season so I guess for few nights you won’t have problems to book it on spot. We stayed at Konakat.

a view

The view from the terrace

The locals are joking that they also call the village – the Veliko Turnovo of the Rhodopes. The reason is that the village is located on a slope so most of the streets are going up and down. This of course has its advantage – the amazing view over the village and Rhodopes.

The view shortly before the dusk

The konakat guest house is a place that I for sure would recommend. It is a place where you can eat local Rhodopean food often with local grown ingredients. Don’t miss to try Rhodopean klin.

Amazing food from our hosts


The cosy yard of our guesthouse

Places to visit close to village Orehovo

The places close to Orehovo a quite big number. The most famous of them are:

Marvelous bridges and the Marvelous bridges hut

Tsirikova church peak

Kosten kamak waterfall

Skakaloto waterfall

Kabata hut and the canyon close to tsirikova church

Persenk hut and the Roman road

There are also a lot of small churches and chapels in less than 30 mins from the village.

panorama to village

Panorama to the village from the opposite shore of the river


So many routes..and so less time..

As we had only two days there we decided to go into direction of the Marvelous bridges, to visit Kabata hut and then to make a circle route from hut Persenk. But this will be a separate post as there are a lot of beautiful panoramas to share.

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