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Vazova Trail starting from village Bov railway station

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The Iskar gorge as seen from Vazova Eco trailThe Vazova trail is a panoramic road that starts from Bov Station. It passing through the Skaklya waterfall and then goes to the village of Zasele in Ponor Mountain. This is actually the only way to reach Skaklya waterfall, which during its high season is very beautiful.

The length of the route from the starting point in Bov Station till Zasele village is about 2 hours with the stops for photos. It is a round route and from there, you can go back the same way or take another forest road that passes through the village. So all together you will have a great 4 hours walk among a picturesque views.

Panoramic views over the Iskar Gorge

Panoramic view over the Iskar Gorge

The elevation you should overcome between the start and finish is not so small.  Actually you can see how high you should climb from the road to Mezdra in the beginning of the route. Whatever to say the truth is that all first two hours is a climbing, at places steeper, at places lighter.But do not worry about fatigue, there are benches, recreation areas and panoramic grounds build along the route. You will see – just a small break with great views can make wonders with your body.

Butterflies on the way to the Vazova path

Butterflies on the way to the Vazova path

Benches on the Vazova trail

It is time for short break

How to reach the Vazova Trail?

The easiest way to get to Bov which is the starting point is by taking the train from Sofia. The train travels around an hour and is passing the beautiful Iskar gorge. The trains departure each hour from Sofia Railway station. You can check the schedule here, and the ticket price is about 5 leva in both directions.

Getting off the train on Bov railway station

The railway station in Bov

Arriving at the station you have to cross the railway line under the bridge and catch the road Sofia – Mezdra. Now you should walk along the road following the direction to Mezdra.  In 10 minutes or less you will reach a large sign marking the beginning of the route.

From that point the route can be divided:

The first part  – to the waterfall Skaklya.

The second part- from the waterfall upwards.

As usual the first part is the hardest – first you will go through asphalt road until you reach a small parking.  After the parking you should catch the trail. This path is steadily going higher and higher, basically, there is nowhere to go wrong here, just follow the trail. The way to the waterfall is quite well-maintained. In some places it is a natural forest path, while on others there are built wooden bridges, stone stairs and railings.

Right from the beginning there is a fountain where you can recharge your bottles with water.

Skaklya waterfall

The waterfall is in about 40 minutes distance from the parking and an hour and a half walking from Bov Station. Depending on the season you can see just rocks with no water (during the winter) or majestic lush water flowing over the rocks. At the end of July, we hit the waterfall in all its glamor – full and perfect for coolness, as it should be for a hot day like this.


From the waterfall to the village of Zasele

Once you reach the waterfall it is important to catch the path that passes under it. We made the mistake of going to the right and then to divagate for almost an hour while searching for the right way.

We made a short break under the waterfall, took some pictures and then continue through the road.

From there begins a light pleasant forest road – a sip of air in preparation for the final climb.

At its final part the path is passing through concrete staircases. As long as you go up more and more a great view of the mountains is unveiling to your right. After about 40 minutes, we reach the center where we relaxed with delicious food and refreshing beverages.

Village of Zasele

The village has been known for its beauty for a long time. A number of Bulgarian activists, including the poets Ivan Vazov and Aleko Konstantinov, have taken advantage of its tranquility for rest and inspiration. There are also several Thracian mounds near the village.

It was a great surprise to find out that this seemingly secluded place in the world has even some places for tourist accommodation.

The village of Zasele close to the Vazova trail

The village of Zasele

And its happy inhabitants and visitors 🙂

On the way back, we decided to take the other path, which is not so famous. We do not meet a single person, but we encounter a great panoramic view of the gorge.

We liked the Vazova trail and certainly will come again. What about you?

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