The Redwood forest near Kyustendil

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Without doubt the giant sequoias inspire awe and wonder. My believe so far was something like this: if I want to see these magnificent trees and to explore the feeling to be surrounded by them then I should go to North America. And then I came across an article about the sequoias in Bulgaria. I didn’t wonder for long and hit the road to the forest with sequoias near Kyustedil.

The road to the area

We went in the end of December and it was one of my greatest experiences. The autumn colors, the peace and smell of nature as well as the forest with these majestic creatures – everything was just in place.

Autumn filled with colours everything – that’s why I adore it 🙂

The branches of sequoias on the road

How to reach the sequoias near Kyustendil and what will you see there?

The small forest with sequoias is located just in 7 km from Kyustendil in the area of Yuchbunar close to village Bogoslov. From Sofia to Kyustendil is around an hour and a half. From there you should drive into direction of Bogoslov. You have the option to leave the car in the village and to walk to the park with sequoias, which is actually in the forest or to park the car at the end of the road.

The forest consists of around 100 younger sequoias as well as three giants. They have been brought in 1890 by Yordan Mitrev and his family. The territory is stated as natural park of Bulgaria in 1989.

The view from the distance

And that’s how it feels to be inside – Alice in the wonderland

Among the younger trees you will spot 3 giant ones. These are believed to be the oldest in Bulgaria aged around 130 years. Thought these could also called young as there are some species that could live to 2000 years, but we don’t have them here in Bulgaria. The log diameter of one of these three is around 8 meters. Amazing!

Tiny me

The place is visited not only by locals – you could also see tourist there. For our fortune we were alone there in that cold day.

The bark of the trees is so soft

Other locations in Bulgarian where you could also see sequoias are the Seven Thrones Monastery near Svoge in the Iskar Gorge (there is one tree in the yard) and another one in the yard of the Red Cross Training Centre in Lozen, near Sofia.

What else you can see nearby?

Osogovo, simirlary to the rest moutains has a lot to ofer. The big advantage here is that you can enjoy the mountains without many people. We decided to go upper in the mountain and to walk close to the Osogovo hut. It was really good decision as up we were met by totally different conditions and saw snow for the first time for 2020. 🙂

The first snow for me for 2020

One of my favorite pictures from that day – winter is ‘meeting’ autumn

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