Devil’s Path – an extreme journey for all ages

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The Devil’s path is a picturesque eco-path crossing a part of Rhodope mountains near Borino village.

Hiking in the mountains is one of my favourite things to do especially if I could do that in Rhodopes. There is something magical in that mountain. Maybe it is the mystic and tranquility of the nature or the cosiness of the small villages holding their own way of life and habits throught the centuries. Or it is because of the local inhabitants that are different breed of people, who due to remoteness of the civilization are more connected with their inner self and nature. A creations that have been taught to patience and gratitude by the hard life in the mountain. This calmness is something that you can feel even in the air.

I adore Rhodope mountains. I adore to wander in the forest, to find the smallest narrow paths, to breathe the herb-soaked air and to feel that deep connection with the nature. This time I was on one week trip to Rhodope mountains and Devils path wasn’t in my plan. One of our hosts recommended it and we said why not. I read some quick info before going there and although it sounds to be popular it turned out to be not so crowded, but so scenic and interesting route. I’m happy we went that day.

How to reach the Devil’s Path?

There are two options – one from Borino and one from the Buinovo Gorge close to Trigrad.


Our morning view from the questhouse in Borino

If your start from Borino, then the starting point is in a few minutes walking from the village. If you are coming from Devin you should hit the left road just before you enter Borino. There is a big sign, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Here you should catch the road to Chala

If you don’t have a car then you should walk around 30 mins or just ask some local for a lift.

Follow that road and soon you will reach the Museum of tar (on your left). Here is the starting point of the Devil’s path. I guess that the museum is also an interesting place but it was closed during our visitation so you may be lucky.

The museum of tar

We met a new friend 🙂

What to expect?

The Devil’s Path is officially opened since 2015 and during our visit in August 2017 its condition was excellent.

It is a hiking trail that follows the river Buinovska and cross a part of Rhodope Mountains (around 20 km2). Part of the route is a natural path through the forest. Another one (the more interesting) is going throught the rocks. A lot of wooden platforms and steeps are built on that route. Due to the steep terrain, people are moving slowly, but this allows you to look around – there is a lot of beauty to be seen.

There are some really scary moments especially if you have some fear of heights, but just hold the parapet tightly and step slowly.

The trail is suitable for one day trip and you can choose between two options – a short circle of around 3 km and the longer one which is around 10. We chose the try the longest with the intention to walk just part of it and to reach the Buinovo gorge then to climb to the Eagles Nest and conceivably to visit the Yagodina cave. It took us around 2,5 hours to reach the road to Yagodina cave, so don’t underestimate the length– 3 km may seem short but in the mountain km are counting differently.

The beginning of the Devil’s path

The wooden bridges between the rocks

Some interesting things to see there apart from the views are many species that are very rare and common only for that area. Watch out for Orpheus flower (Silivryak) that has survived more than two milions years and it looks like it is almost immortal – the flower could live more than 30 months without water. Of course there are many legends and one of them is about the love of Orpheus and the nymph Evridika.

The beginning of the Devil’s path

The first part of the route is smooth and easy. After entering the arch you will find yourself on a wide panoramic road following the flow of the Chatak Dere river.  In less than 20 minutes you will reach a wooden gazebo with water. Here you can have some rest, breakfast or whatever you want, before going to the hardest part of route.

The beginning of the Devil’s path

Take a rest – the hardest part is yet to come

Continuing forward you will see the signs that show the directions – for small circle go to the left and for big circle continue to the right.

Another sign is giving some safety advises while walking along the path.

We are going to the right.Our new friend is coming with us

Now is the turn of a slightly harder part – around 15 min tempered climbing to the Devils bridge.

The Devils bridge

The Devils bridge (don’t mistake this one with the Devils Bridge in Arda river, which is quite different) is the name of a rock arch elevated at around 18m height above the Chatak dere.

A steep, but safety and a well-secured wooden staircase go down beneath the Devil’s Bridge to a small panoramic wooden bridge built just below the arch so you can go closer to see the lush water.

If you don’t want to go through the bridge you can skip it. Just go up and you will catch the route from there. After 30 mins you will reach a series of small wooden stairs built in the rocks that helps you to cross the gorge.


Watch out for Orpheus flower on that rocks

This part is for sure the most extreme part of the trail. Just imagine around 50-60 m plumb rocks and wooden stairs which are built on them. This part is for very slow walking only and it is the last extreme one. Once you cross the river you will be save 🙂 The route from there is very easy. Continuing forward you’ll see the cascade of waterfalls and with benches for rest.

What to have in mind before going to Devil’s path?

  • The route is not so easy and if you are not prepared enough then better use a local transport to the starting point. This will help you keep some energy for the hardest part.
  • There is some water almost all the time along the small round, but its better to have some with you.
  • The best time to visit the Devil’s path is the summer. During another seasons the terrain can be slippery.
  • If you feel tired at some point you can always try to catch a car from the road.
  • Use comfortable shoes and the most important some that are made for hiking. There are many terrains that require good shoes.
  • Don’t forget your sun hat if you are going there in the summer.
  • It is also recommended to bring some snacks with you, there is no shop on the route (of course ;-)) and who knows you may like it so much that decide to catch the longer circle 🙂

What else to see nearby Devil’s path?

The area is reach of interesting places. If go there I won’t miss to see some villages in area such as Gela, Chala, Trigrad, Yagodina. Eagle’s eye panorama and Yagodina cave are also very popular places.

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