Tevno lake – the home of serenity and inner peace

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“Man landed on the Moon” – Now I know that feeling

Tevno lake is one of those places that you will never forget. The lake surrounded by cosmic panorama, the red cabin, the majestic slopes of Kamenitza peak are all as from a fairy tale. The stillness of the mountain and the land that looks like from another planet will leave you speechless. The scenery is so impressive that finally you feel all your senses devoted to that magic. Тhis is the place where the mountain stillness begins to live inside you. Firstly it takes a small place in your heart untill imperceptibly to ocuppy all your body and soul with gratitude to the mountain and life.

Tevno lake as seen from Kralev dvor gate

Approaching the shelter

The shelter can acommodate up to 30 person at its second floor.

Even though the shelter is one of the popular places in that part of Pirin, thankfully to its remoteness you can hardly see more than 15-20 visitors here even during the weekend in the warm season. The cabin is located at 2512 m above see level at Belemeto circus. Due to the deep snow it is hard to reach that place in the winter so the shelter is usually closed in that period. It is open between May and November.

The cabin can accommodate up to 30 persons, but of course even if there are more people up, the owner won’t leave anybody outside. Be prepared for cold nights even in the summer.  The temperature in the night is quite low, but it worth it every frosting second, just to see that amazing place.

It is alsko possible to use a tent outside during the summer

In the kitchen

There is some food and hot drinks during the weekend, but if you are going there in a weekday you better call to ask if there will be anyone from the owners there.

Tea at the Tevno lake

That tea is warming up the soul

Lunch at Tevno lake

The tastiest lunch I have ever had

South to the shelter is located Kamenitsa peak – one of the highiest peaks in Pirin 2822 m. It is also one of the most challenging and difficult to conquer in Pirin. During the summer you can reach it for more panoramas not only over almost entirely Pirin but also to Rila and Rhodopes. Just under the rocks are located several lakes which impress with their unique nature.

The unique nature of Belemeto circus

Another cosmic panorama below Kamenitsa peak

Canals and swamps near the cabin. At the distance is Kamenitsa peak.

Interesting part is that the shelter has its own purification system. You can see it close to the hut. In fact the water that they use came from the lake. So please keep it clean. Some people even fill some water to drink directly from the lake. The electricity is produced by solar batteries. So everything is eco. 🙂

Tevno lake from another perspective

If you want to see some more nice panoramas close to the shelter there are some that are quite easy reachable. One of them is just behind the shelter.

Panorama over Pirin

Afternoon coffee with panorama over Pirin

The sunset view from the shelter

A morning in the heaven

The sun rises early in the morning and peeps into the small window of the cabin. One by one all the 15 visitors began to wake up. The hut is quickly filled up with smiles, happy people and light-hearted conversations. The smell of breakfast and morning coffee is spreading all around. I woke up with the feeling that something magical is going to happen – a feeling as it was a festival. It takes me few days to understand that feeling – it was a feeling of celebration life. I grabbed a coffee and went outside to take a deep breath of the fresh morning air and there is no word to explain that feeling. Everybody should go there and experience it.

The scenery in the morning was impressive

Another route for going back – Dzengala peak and Valyavishki Lakes

After one hour awakening, gossips with others and considering the route back we are ready to leave the cabin.

We don’t want to go, but there is a long way back waiting for us. We decided to go back another way which will allow us to see more of the beauty of Pirin.

The beginning of our long way back to Bezbog hut

The fog behind the slopes will meet us later today in Dobrinishte

This route is one was longer – around 6 hours, but again it worth it every single step.

Another reason to choose this route was the probability to meet wild goats, as it is crossing an area of their natural inhabitat.

Dzengal peak

Crossing the ‘stone desert’ and looking for wild goats.

Valyavishki Lakes closest view

Approaching Valyavishki Lakes

Amazing panorama over Valyavishki lakes

The crystal water of the lake



Can’t miss that chance to clime that rock

Approaching Popovi lakes on the way back

We are leaving that magical place in silence – just the way we felt it. We’ll come again once the spring is back. We have learned our lesson – the best moments in life are full of quiet and we will try to keep that serenity and gratefulness which was born in our hearts.

How to get to Tevno lake

  • Before going there have in mind that the route is difficult and it is not suitable for people who don’t have experience in long hikes. The terrain is hard – around 50% is walking through stones and rocks so suitable shoes are mandatory.
  • Suncare is something that I missed to take with me and now I’m suffering from the consequences. Don’t forget it.
  • Take some food with you as the hike is long and excausting.
  • Energy bars for sure will help you this time.

There are several routes to the lake and cabin, but even the shortest one is at least 4 hours hike. And hiking in Pirin is not so easy. The slopes of the North Pirin are with alpine relief which makes them hard to climb. We decided to go through the Bezbog shalet – probably the hardest route. It can be divided into 3 parts. Altogether the hike is between 4 and 5 hours including 3-4 breaks.

Part 1: From Bezbog hut to Popovo lake – around 1:30 hours

This is the easiest part of the route. There are two routes starting from the hut – one of them bypass the lake from the right, the other one is bypassing from the left. The right one is more popular, probably because of the views from the hills to the Bezbog hut, but is way harder than the other. The left one is bypassing the hills so you mustn’t climb like a crazy at the beginning. The duration of the hike is the same no matter which route you will choose – around hour and a half. Hence I would recomend the left one.

Part 2: From Popovo lake to Kralev Dvor gate* – between 2 and 3 hours

This is the hardest part of the route. From that point almost all of the time the route is going up, crossing the valley of several lakes and stones deserts. At it final part you should climb almost vertical rocks of the Kralev dvor gate. Don’t worry the road is well marked.

Part 3: From Kralev dvor gate to Tevno lake cabin – around 30 mins

This is the easiest part of the route. It is around 30 minutes descending to the hut.

*The gates in Pirin are the lower places between two peaks. Basically you are almost climbing the peak when you are crossing gate. You can guess what a picture you will see from that place – a breathtaking panorama to several circuses and hills.

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