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One day in Lozen Mount – Lozen Monastery and Pasarel dam

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Finally the summer came. The rains stopped at the beginning of August and the sweltering heat of the city forced me to search salvation in the mountain. After a short analysis where to go I concluded that there are two places that are suitable for one day trip and I haven’t been soon – Lozen Mount and Vitosha. Vitosha of course is the most popular mountain among the residends of Sofia and is not a good idea to go there during the weekend, so I decided to go to Lozen – the less know destination.

The village of Lozen (and the mount) are situated only in 17 km away from Sofia. I recall going there for the first time – I thought “it’s probably a small mountain” and then got lost two times 🙂 So there is a plenty room for several hours hike. The most popular route (popular in that part of Sofia mean that you will meet not more than 10-20-30 guys on you way, which is quite less than hundreds in Vitosha) is the Lozen’s ecopath starting from Lozen and reaching the Dolni Pasarel village.

The Lozens Ecopath

The Lozen Eco-Trail offers both beautiful panoramic views and familiarity with the history and culture of this region. The main spots along the route are – the Lozen monastery, Polovrak peak, the shelter Polovrak, the memorial complex of the aviator Dimitar Spisarevski and Pasarel dam. The length is around 12 km and it passes for around 4 hours. The difficulty of the route is comparatively low – it is rather long than hard. From Pasarel dam you can catch a bus to Sofia.

The route itself can be divided into 4 parts and you can choose whether to go to Pasarel or just to make a part of it and go back to Lozen.

1st Part: From village Lozen to the Lozen monastery 

Duration: 1 – 1.20 hour

2nd part: From Lozen monastery to Polovrak peak

Duration: around 30 min

3rd part: Polovrak peak – Shelter Polovrak – Memorial complex of Dimitar Spisarevski

Duration: around 2 hours

4th part – Memorial complex – village Pasarel

Duration: around 40-50 mins

If you choose to go to Pasarel there are two options at the end. The first one is just to cross the bridge and take a bus to Sofia from there. Or not to cross the beach, but to walk through a small path across the dam to the village.

How to get to the village

Getting to Lozen is easy. Just go to Geo Milev station and catch the bus number 5. It will drive you to the last stop in Lozen. From there you should follow the street that is going up (the one behind the bust stop) and soon you will reach the starting point.

Right from the start you will enter the forest. There are many paths going up and the duration to the monatery is around an hour walk. We were lucky to have some snacks in a pop up just among the road, but I guess this ‘service’ is only available during the warm season.

Lozen Monastery

The Lozen’s monastery St. Spas is a cosy complex build back in the 13th centures during the Second Bulgarian Kindom. It is fairly preserved and the view that reveals behind the monastery is incredible. Close to the main building there is also an recreation area with tables, where you can take a rest. There is a fountain, but don’t rely on it as it is not always working.

Continuing to Polovrak peak

Panorama to Rila and Iskar dam

Polovrak peak

The peak itself is just in 20 minutes from the monastery. The final part is the hardest one as always when it comes to ascending peaks. From Polovrak peak in clear weather you will see revealed views to Sofia, Stara Planina, Vitosha, Rila, Iskar Dam and Lozen. Take your time for pictures and from that point the road is starting to descend to shelter Polovrak.

The way down to shelter Polovrak

The memorial complex of the aviator Dimitar Spisarevski

Dimitar Spisarevski is Bulgarian aviator from the beginning of 20th century who died in a fight with American bomber. The memorial complex is built at the place of the fight and his dead. A wooden cross, a memory plate and info boards remind us about his heroic act – stopping an enemy bomber flying to Sofia. There are also benches and recreation area which are maintaned by the locals.

Pasarel dam

Pasarel dam is one of the dams built along the Iskar river. This one is smaller compared to Iskar dam, but is as beauty as is Iskar. The final part of the path is going through a hanging bridge above the river.

What to have in mind before going to this path?

Due to its construction the terrain Mount Lozen is unsustainable to water. In many parts of the routes the water litterally flows along the road, which means – there is many mud. Be prepared that it is possible you will get wet and durty. Also plan the shoes in advance.

In terms of drinking water – there are several fountains across the path. There is one at the beginning, then close to the monastery, but there is no water at the top neither at the shelter. Once you leave the monastery the next drinking water will be two hour afore.

Bring some food as the route is long. Also during the summer you will need a hat.


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