Geopark Iskar-Panega – diving into the Blue

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Geopark Iskar-Panega is a beautiful place with unspoiled nature just in 2 hours from Sofia. The place is also famous with the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria – Glava panega. This is the reason of the specific blue color of the river. The area is also known with its rocks formations dating 100 milion years back and the amazing lush nature. During the summer you can see many dragonflies.  Another interesting route in the region is Prohodna cave and the National cave house of Karluкovo.

blue water

Blue water and rocks – the typical scenery of the region

flow of the river

The path is following the flow of the river

Crossing the river

Photo from the bridge

How to get to Geopark Iskar-Panega?

Geopark Iskar Panega is located in few km from Lukovit on the main road Sofia Ruse. The distance from Sofia is 110 km and unfortunately you can go there only by car. You should head towards Pleven-Ruse and after Yablanitsa to catch the road to Lukovit. Several kilometer from Lukovit you will see a big parking to your left. This is the starting point. It is possible also to use some train to Karlukovo, but then you have to walk more than 12 km. There is a big parking once you reach the place where you can leave your car. There is also a small kiosk where you can buy some water.

place for rest

There are several places for rest and picnic, so you can have some break

When is the most convenient time to visit Iskar-Panega?

The summer and the autumn are the best time to visit the eco path. The reason is that somethimes due to the rain during the spring the water of the river is flooding different sections of the path and makes them impassable.  The whole route is around 8 km long and will take around 2 hours in both directions together with short breaks. There are many small bridges and gazebos that makes the walk very exciting. The best thing that it is not so extreme as is the Devils path, so you can easy go there even with small children.


Bridges built in the rocks allows you to go very close to the water

wooden bridges

And of course to make amazing pictures.

There is also a cave which is not well maintained and it’s not working for tourists but you can still can go few meters inside. We entered the cave just to find that the more you walk the more narrow and slip the cave become. So be careful if you decide to go inside.

The entrance of ‘The dark hole’ cave

cave view

View from the cave

cave rock formations

Rock formations inside the cave

Place for rest

Be aware that the route is not a round route – at some point you should go back. We expected to reach a lake or something else but actually we get to the top of the opposite rocks and then just went back. You can continue the walk to Prohodna cave.

Colors of the nature

The colors become more constrast during the sunset

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