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Hiking in Rila mountain – from Borovets to Saragyolski lakes

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This one supposed to be a story about 7-day hike in Rhodopes, but the rainy weather and other last minute curcumstances lead me away to Rila. Due to not so stable weather I decided to stay for few nights in Borovets and to make round hikes each day. Fortunatelly there are many places to visit so it turned out that the 4 days weren’t enough at all 🙂

The first day started with rain, but I knew that in the highier parts of the mountain the weather should be good. So we took some coffee and headed over to the Yastrebets lift.  This was expecting us above 🙂


No rain and amazing scenery over the hills of Rila

Above the clouds

Yastrebets hut

Panorama over the Yastrebets hut

About the route

The route could be splitted like this:

Part 1: From Borovets to Yatarebets hut with the cabin – around 30 mins

Part 2: From Yastrebets to Musala hut – around 1 hour

Part 3: From Musala hut to Deno peak from where you could see the lakes – around 1 hour

Part 4: Either making a round route and going back with Sitnyakovo Express cabin to Borovets – around 2h and 30 mins


going back the same way via Musala hut and Yastrebets – again 2:30 min. So all toghether it will take around 5 hours.

In general the route is not so hard and the best thing – it is not so popular 🙂 You probably will meet some people until the Musala hut and after that most (if not all) are continuing to Musala peak – just the opposite to our direction. We met only one guy on that part to the lakes.

The first part of the route is quite easy – you only have to catch the lift. This summer the price for the card is 15 BGN

From Yastrebets to Musala hut

This part is quite easy too. There is a wide road going from the lift till the Musala hut. If you are unsure about the direction – just follow all the people from the lift 🙂 I have another post about that route so I won’t go into many details. What I would suggest is to check the Yastrebets hut as the view from there is amazing.

Nice views from the path

Musala hut is the last place from our route where you can get some water, soup or snacks. Not sure if it works all year round thought. Last time I was there there were no food, so you better have something in your bag.

old Musala hut

Arriving to Musala lake and the old Musala hut

The hut is located at 2380 m and just above it the highest peak in Bulgaria ( and the Balkans) – Musala (2925m). To be honest I never been there (due to the crowds) but I’m planning to go at some not so crowd-appropriate weather 😀 The distance from the hut is around 2 hours and I have heard of amazing views 🙂

One of the Musala lakes just in front of the hut


The new hut which seems not to be working this summer again

There are several bulding around the lakes, most of them seems not to be working. The good thing is that at least the old hut is still working for everyone who wish to stay overnight.

From Musala to the lakes

Here we should catch the opposite direction to Musala. Our direction is to the left from the lake. The route is quite easy apart from some short sections with bigger denivelation. It follows the seddle of Deno peak so all the time we will see some nice views over the valley.

Chasing with the weather 🙂


The Musala hut and the peaks behind us

It take us around 40 min to cross that hill and soon we were already on the ridge. From that ridge you can see many new peaks including Shatur which has quite interesting form.


Shatar peak has quite interesting form

We were chasing with the weather all the time. It changes from hot to cool several times that day, but the most important when the rains came we were already at Borovets.

Find me if you can 🙂

Shatar peak at the distance

At some point the panorama started to clear and we saw the lakes. I can’t really argue which one are more beautifull – the 7th Rila lakes or these one, but here you can find tranquility and solitude. Thats what I’m searching usually in the mountain 🙂

Finally we reached the panorama to the lakes

Who needs the crowded 7 Rila lakes while you can have all this only for you? 🙂

We decided not to go down to the lakes as we had to go back for the lift. But if you continue a little towards Shatar you will see a rock from where you can have a better panorama over the valley and the lakes. I read that there is also a path to the lakes, but since there are not so popular it is not the best conditions and probably you will need a navigation.

Shatar peak

This picture of Shatar peak reminds me of Pirin, same relief and greenery.


From the rock

After a short rest and discussion whether to go down the same way or to make it circle route via Sitnyakovo cabin, we decided that it is better to go back the same way as we saw many clouds at the other side of Rila.


Other panorama from the route

Musala hut

Musala hut looks so small

What else you can see nearby?

It turns out that Borovets provides very good conditions for hiking and it isn’t very crowded during the week in the summer. Next day we make it to Chakar Voyvoda hut. You can check some other ideas here.


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