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On the ridge of the Balkans – from Beklemeto to Kozya Stena hut

kozya stena
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Reading time: 6 minutes I’ve been dreaming for the ridges of the Balkans for long time. And the idea finally riped during one sunny weekend when we decided to go to the Central Balkans mountain. The Central Balkan National Park is one amazing place which is situated in the heart of Bulgaria and includes the highest peaks of the […]

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Village Orehovo – the crossroads to Rhodopes

Reading time: 4 minutes

Reading time: 4 minutes The village of Orehovo is one of those small and typical Rhodopean villages, populated by friendly people with big hearts and smiles. It is a starting point to many tourist routes in Rhodopes. You can choose from many natural attractions – such as River, old Roman road,  waterfalls, huts, canyon, old and not so old […]


Village Svejen – The Architectural Treasure of Sredna Gora Mountain

Reading time: 5 minutes

Reading time: 5 minutes It is unvelivable how many impressive things you can see only in few hours in village Svejen. There is a hut, a mountain, a lake, a river, an old Bulgarian architecture with interesting houses, small winding streets and grean medows wherever you look. And all this variety of colors and shapes is located in only […]

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Hiking in Vitosha without crowds – mission possible

Reading time: 6 minutes

Reading time: 6 minutes If you browse the internet about hiking in Vitosha you will probably found a lot of popular routes such as the Golden bridges, Aleko hut or Boyana’s waterfal. All of them are charming places to go during the week, but are also usually very crowded with people during the weekend. Actually Vitosha is one of […]

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Bratsigovo and Snejanka cave – a great weekend far from city

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Reading time: 6 minutes Traditionally with approachment of the weekend one question gives me no peace – where to go this time? Recently I reached a lot of places that are in a hour distance from Sofia and obviously it was time to extend that circle.

Tevno lake – the home of serenity and inner peace

Reading time: 7 minutes

Reading time: 7 minutes Tevno lake is one of those place that you will never forget. The lake surrounded by cosmic panorama, the red cabin, the majestic slopes of Kamenitza peak are as from fairy tale. The stillness of the mountain and the land as from another planet just leaves you speechless. The scenery is so impressive that finally […]