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A day in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria

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There is no doubt that the Rose Valley is a must see destination of Bulgaria. The relationship of Bulgaria and roses dates back in the centuries so there are many interesting facts and places that can be learnt and seen.

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Belogradchik and Magura Cave

Reading time: 5 minutes

Due to its remoteness and somewhat not-so-good-reputation the northwestern part of Bulgaria usually wasn’t included into my plans for travelling. This time, however, I have more than 2 days off and the weather forecasts wasn’t appropriate for mountains so I decided to go to explore that yet not so well known part of Bulgaria. We decided to head to the north and to make the itinerary on the way. Eventually with almost no plan we packed our luggage and headed towards a few days adventure.

Belogradchik – the city of the bizzare rocks

The first point of our route was Belogradchik. Belogradchik is a small town, known for its weird rock formations – the Belogradchik Rocks. The city is located on the eastern edge of the Balkan mountains. One of the main attractions of the city is the Belogradchik fortress, built by the Romans in the rocks. The fortress is located just in few minutes walking from the center of the city and provides amazing panorama over the rocks.

Belogradchik town itself is small and picturesque town with a population of about 5000 people. If you missed the fortress then don’t worry – the mountain landscape and bizarre shapes are visible from different points of the city.  Some of those unusual rock formations have their own names like “ the teacher” and The Ape.

Apart from the rocks Belogradchik also offers variety of options for ecotourism, such as visiting caves (Veneta and Magura Cave), recreation near the Rabisha Lake and several cycling routes.

Accommodation in Belogradchik

Usually before going somewhere I would check on airbnb for accomodation. This time the options were limited – only two to be exact. Arriving there we found out that there are many guest houses, but none of them have listings on accomodation websites. I guess that out of the busy season (July and August) it won’t be hard to find a place for overnight even on spot.

Belogradchik Fortress

Belogradchik Fortress is one of the places that attracted tourists in the area. Two of the walls are artifically built from stones and the other two are just natural rocks. There is a small entrance fee if you want to go inside the fortress.

As we arrived late, we decided to try only the path that passed close to the observatory and see the view from there. And it was amaizing.

Astronomical Observatory of Belogradchik

The Astronomical Observatory in Belogradchik is in close proximity (about 100m) from the Belogradchik fortress.

The Observatory has three telescopes which can be used by visitors during their visits. During the day you can go there to see the equipment. The observatory also provides nights visits (after dusk) when you can use the equipment to observe the Moon, Saturn’s ring, Jupiter’s satelites, Venus and stars. There is also one famous event once per year – the Annual international astronomy school. All night visits should be requested in advance (3-7 days) in order to provide an astronomer on spot. Here is the official FB page of the Observatory of Belogradchik.

Magura Cave

Our airbnb hostess was so kind and gave us many recommendations what to do in the area. We marked several places but due to the lack of time next day we had to choose only few.

Venetsa cave was one of the options we don’t have time for. It has a coral-like sea bottom and bizzare shaes and is also very well maintained. I’ve heard many positive reviews about it, so don’t doubting if you have the chance. Price per person: 8 bgn

Instead of Venetsa we went to Magura Cave. It is located 17 km from Belogradchik and is famous for its prehistoric paintings.

You will need at least 3 hours for that cave together with the travelling from Belogradchik. The cave is long (around 2 km) an the tour guide won’t miss any detail from the history. So be prepared for long history walk through the centuries. The cost per person is 10 bgn.


The entrance of the cave

The cave has 3 separate halls, some of them full of drawings from the Neolithic to the Roman era, while in another one is located 3 large outbreaks that were used by the ancient people. Most of the paintings are showing scenes of fertility, hunting and the relationship between its ancient inhabitants. They are supposed to be made with stools from bats, which are living in the cave even nowadays.


Anchient paintings

Interesting part of the walk is also the interpretation of the tour guide. He is a quite detailed and good storyteller. You will understand what I’m talking about if you meet him, but I’m doubting he is speaking English unfortunatelly..

Likewise the other caves, this one also has many rock formations, such as stalagmites, stalactites and stalagmites, but the drawings that can carry you millions of years back are the ‘super star’ of that cave.