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Best places for Brunch in Sofia

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Traditional Bulgarian citizen will sooner have breakfast at home or buy and eat something on the go. But in recent years there is a new trend – eating outside. Check out some of the best places to have a brunch in Sofia.

CAVA Bar & Dinner

Cava Bar & Dinner is one of those places you’re rediscovering with surprise. I have been crossed the street several times until that moment I decided to take a peep into. The place is tastefully decorated, with several detached corners and great French windows that make you feel like you are having breakfast in the yard. All happening under the accompaniment of a light jazz for a great start of the weekend. Apart from breakfasts, the place is offering plenty of interesting dishes.

Prices for breakfast vary from 8 to 12 BGN. Totally recommended!

CAVA is located at ul. “Petar Parchevich” 52, Sofia

Brick Cafe & Bar

Next proposal for brunch in Sofia is Bricks Cafe & Bar. The place is not situated in the center but still in communicative place – close to Joliot Curie Metro Station. We can surely say that the breakfast there takes us to America (although never been there). From the morning the place is starting to fill with foreigners and this additionally creates a sense of being somewhere abroad. The menu includes 6-7 kinds of breakfast, including traditional English & American breakfast. Interesting is also the story behind the place – an American who moved to Bulgaria more than 10 years ago. You can read it on site. If you are searching for tasty brunch in Sofia then for sure you should try this one.

Brunch time: from 11AM till 18 PM Saturday/Sunday

Price range: 10-12 BGN

Bricks Cafe & Bar is located at ul. “Konstantin Shtarkelov” 119, Iztok, Sofia

Rainbow Factory

Rainbow factory is my favourite place for breakfast, brunch or lunch. It offers amazing homemade cakes, coffe and lemonade.
The brunch is one of the best in the city. Here you can try different Bulgarian types of breakfast! Starting from tasty banitsa through scrumbled eggs with babek(bulgarian style salami) and traditional Bulgarian mekitsi with jam.
There is also a lunch menu during the week days. The quality of the food is just WOW and the place is cosy and warm. The selection of coffee is also one of the best in the city.
You may need to wait few minutes to grab a table, as it has many other fans hungry for that marvelous brunch during the weekend.
What to say more..Totally recommended place!


HleBar is the place holding the urban spirit, located in one not so known but very cosy street – Oborishte. It is a bakery with amazing food and drinks.
Probably the best scrambbled eggs in the town are served there. Apart from brunch they are also offering lunch menu during the week, variety of locally produced bread and modern interpretation of traditional Bulgarian banitsa. A must visit for everyone who is searching for delicious healthy food.

Brunch time: from 10AM till 12 АМ Every day

Price range: 6-10 BGN

HleBar is located at Oborishte Str. 16


As you can see from the name – Sputnik is a bar with cocktails, but is also offering food. Those which catch our eye is the interior design. The other think we like is its location nearby the park and the view outside. The food for breakfast is simple and the coffee is good. They are also offering many coctails.

A must stop in Sofia, even not for breakfast.

Brunch time: from 10AM till 12 АМ Every day

Price range: 5-8 BGN

Sputnik is located at 17, Yanko Sakazov blvd.


To be continued..

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