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Weird things you may encounter in Bulgaria

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Reading time: 2 minutes The good thing about Bulgaria is that the more you explore the more surprised you are. I can assure that Bulgaria is much more interesting place than you probably expect. There are many strange things that may shock the visitor at first time, but don’t worry the locals are used to live with them and […]

Traveling to Bulgaria – things to know before visiting

Reading time: 4 minutes

Reading time: 4 minutes When is the most convenient time for traveling to Bulgaria? The answer is – depending on what you want to do. Bulgaria offers many activities not only in the warm season but also during the winter. If you want skiing, then the best time is from December till the end of March. Summer is the […]

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One day trip to Musala hut and Musala lake

Reading time: 6 minutes

Reading time: 6 minutes Rila as you may already know is the highest mountain in the Balkans peninsula with its peak Musala (2925 m). Apart from the peaks there are many interesting places to see there – the more you explore the more beautiful places you will find. If somebody asks me where to go close to Sofia, then […]

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5 places close to Sofia to visit this weekend

Reading time: 4 minutes

Reading time: 4 minutes Bulgaria is reach of amazing unspoiled destinations and there are plenty places close to Sofia awaiting to be discovered. If you are in Bulgaria for short break and your time is limited then you may be interested in some of destinations below. Kremikovtsi Monastery – A touch to Bulgarian history and great walk through the […]