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5 places close to Sofia to visit this weekend

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Bulgaria is reach of amazing unspoiled destinations and there are plenty places close to Sofia awaiting to be discovered. If you are in Bulgaria for short break and your time is limited then you may be interested in some of destinations below.

Kremikovtsi Monastery – A touch to Bulgarian history and great walk through the forest

Kremikovtsi Monastery is located in only 20 km from Sofia close to the village Kremikovtsi. You can catch the bus to Kremikovtsi and then just to walk to there, as it is situated outside the village on nice hill. The monastery is from the 14th century. There is also an old church keeping its painting for centuries. It is open for visitors and there isn’t any entrance fee. The monastery has it’s own farm. The monarchs are growing some vegetable and sale their own products. You should try it, you will be amazed. From the top where the monastery is build you will see a wonderful panorama over Sofia. For more beautiful views, fields with horses and cows you can go to hut Strelets which is in two hours hike from the monastery. Go and see.

Pancharevo – Fresh air and stillness with lake views

Pancharevo is a district of Sofia, located at the foot of Lozenska and Plana mountains. It is famous with its lake and water activities such as kayaking, fishing, boating, sun bathing. If you are wondering where to spend a lazy day with family or friends, then Pancharevo is a great choice. You can reach it by bus number 1 or 3 which is departuring from Geo Milev station. In Pancharevo you can walk and enjoy the beautiful nature, far away from the noise of the big city. There are many alleys around the lake, so you can go there for a calm 1-2 hours walk with great views to the lake. There isn’t a lot of places for picnic on the shore of the lake, but there are enough in the surrounding area. There is also a mineral pool close to the lake.

Malyovitsa – The place all mountain lovers should visit

Beauty, tranquility and fresh air – this is how Malyovitsa can be described. Going to Malyovitsa offers a bit of activities to the mountain enthusiast. A beautiful scenery, diversing terrain and the fresh mountain air giving you the reward of being there. You can go to climb the peak or just walk to the hut for a lunch surrounded by mountain hills. All worth it. During the winter there are also conditions for skiing.

Malyovitsa is located in 60 km from Sofia and is suitable for one day trip from Sofia, but I would recommend to stay there at least two days. You will understand why if you try it 🙂 It can be reached by bus and there are many accommodation options with prices range from 15 to 20 BGN. See here how to reach Malyovitsa by bus.

Vazov’s eco path – A great hike close to Sofia

Vazova eco path is a great place to spend a day far away from the big city. Located just in 50? Km from Sofia and easy reachable by train it is a destination you should go. Just in hour trip with a train you will be there to enjoy the breath taking views, mountain air and amazing scenery around you. This round route is around 3 hours and there is also a bonus for all decided to go there – an amazing waterfall Skaklya. Check here detailed info how to reach the trail.

Beli Iskar eco trail – Lazy Sunday walk into the forest

If you are searching for easy hike into the forest – then this is your place. The length of the trail is around 3 hours, but you can decide how far you wish to go as the road back is close and you can always return there. The trail is easy even for small children. Many places for picnic and rest are built among the wind of the Beli Iskar river. Incredible views to the nature and amazing pine forest with the freshest air you have ever breath – all this is waiting there all year round. Beli Iskar ecopath is reachable by car.

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