Tevno lake

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Reading time: 4 minutes

Tevno lake – the home of serenity and inner peace

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“Man landed on the Moon” – Now I know that feeling

Tevno lake is one of those places that you will never forget. The lake surrounded by cosmic panorama, the red cabin, the majestic slopes of Kamenitza peak are all as from a fairy tale. The stillness of the mountain and the land that looks like from another planet will leave you speechless. The scenery is so impressive that finally you feel all your senses devoted to that magic. Тhis is the place where the mountain stillness begins to live inside you. Firstly it takes a small place in your heart untill imperceptibly to ocuppy all your body and soul with gratitude to the mountain and life.

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One day trip to Musala hut and Musala lake

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Musala hut

Rila as you may already know is the highest mountain in the Balkans peninsula with its peak Musala (2925 m). Apart from the peaks there are many interesting places to see there – the more you explore the more beautiful places you will find. If somebody asks me where to go close to Sofia, then I definitely will suggest Rila mountain.

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