Indipasha – a place of Hope and Miracles

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If you’ve been to the south-east of Bulgaria then for sure you already know about the unique nature of the Strandzha mountain. This little known for tourist but full of unique species mountain is occupying quite big piece of the land of Bulgaria – around 10%. But it is not only the nature that worth to be seen – it is also full of mystic Thracian places related to old Bulgaria history, small snuggled villages where just few years ago has boiled life.

Indipasha is a Thracian abbey in Strandzha that has been known for its miracles since more than 2 centuries. It is believed that this mystical place has been known only for few dedicated individuals and solar circles was helping to them to orientate themselves to the road to the place.

The story about healing water

According to a legend, the water in the sanctuary is healing and everyone who drink from there will heal his illness. There is a story dating back few centuries after the Thracian. It tells about an old buffalo who was expelled into the forest by his owner. The old and blind buffalo was let out to the forest and few days after that he came back with recovered sight. After short time his eyesight worsened again and again he was expelled to the forest. The story repeated few times and each time the buffalo returned with better and better sight. The lord then decided to track the animal and this way he found the small pond close to the rocks, hidden in the mountain where the buffalo is drinking from. Since then this place is visited by many people wishing to heal their diseases. The place is gathering most of his pilgrims each year on a particular day – Thomas Sunday when the water is the most healing.

Make a wish and hanger it on the tree

Make a wish and hanger it on the tree

The place is built under a huge rock and it feels airy even in the sunniest days. The lush trees prevent it from light breaking the sun’s rays, giving it a mystical green shades. It feel like the time has stopped here and humidity is felt even in the air. A surreal silence fills the ravine and even overcome the noises of its visitors. Visitors light some candies and leave unwrapped boxes with sweets and biscuits. Those who suffers from some illness leave a take of piece of their clothes attached to a bunch of tree or liana – they believe that the pain and sickness will leave them and remain tied at Indipasha. It is said that the garment should hang in the air, neither on the ground nor in the water. Thus, the disease will remain in the ‘niche’ space. Socks, tunics, even linen hung on the lianas, and in a unique way combine Christian with pagan beliefs.

My fan against the midges

My weapon against the midges

Apart from Thracian believes and Goddesses there is also a makeshift Christian altar, not devoted to any saint, but despite the lack of righteous sourses it is believed that the whole place is devoted to the GreatGoddess,

How to reach Indipasha?

This magical place is located in the middle of the road connecting Tsarevo and Malko Tarnovo. The distance from Tsarevo is around 44 km. Although it looks close, you should be aware that the road is quite bad and there are some sectors where you won’t be able to drive with more than 10km/h. The reason that is rarely used and nobody taking care of it. So keep in mind that you will need two hours to reach it nevertheless the short distance. An hour and half to drive and then an half an hour to walk through the forest. I would suggest to plan it as one day trip as there are many other villages like Gramatikovo and Kosti which you will cross that worth seeing.

A huge spider hiding in the net

The road in the forest is well marked with signs so you wont get lost. You wont see crowds here – even during the heat of the summer, we were the only one visitors of this place. You wont see crowds here – even during the heat of the summer, we were the only one visitors of this place.